This Is What I Want

If we kinda want to do it, the audience kinda wants to see it. Why not play passionately and with determination, while at the same time offering the audience a passionate experience? Be part of the life you are creating on stage, rather than feeling the obligation to just go along.

Many times we see improvisers on stage being flimsy, unsure of the motives for their character, ending up making choices that don’t really make sense. That is because they do not know what their character actually WANTS! That makes the character seem unnatural, making it hard for the audience (and the players) to connect with what they are witnessing. 

In this workshop we work on our strongest desires in every moment, both as improvisers as well as the characters we bring to life on stage. We learn to always stand firmly on our feet, knowing what we want and how this will affect all our future choices.

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