The Bench

Benches in Greece are part of our culture and integrated in our surroundings. They are either added artificially, or we turn anything nature provides us and use it as a bench.  Benches are elements of our everyday life that bring people together, closer; be it strangers or otherwise. And when two people meet on a bench, a very special bond is created between them.

The Bench is a slow improv format that we heavily work on at ImproVIBE in Greece. We believe in the beauty of taking things slowly on stage. Discovering the little elements that make a difference and can feed our impulses is what trains our observation skills and helps us read our scene partner much better and in much more depth. Ultimately, The Bench trains us to focus on building very strong relationships on stage, that take our scenes to a much deeper and meaningful level.

This workshop will do exactly as it says. Take things slow, so don’t expect crazy high energy.

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