Create Your Own Theater

We constantly strive to inspire students to be better improvisers, hone their skills, offer better support on stage and a more fulfilling experience to the audience overall. We also teach them how to teach, share the craft through their own style and filters. But what about going bigger?

The next step is to focus on the local community itself. Raise it from the ground up. Build it, help it grow and flourish.  Don’t just “create” improvisers. Bring them together and inspire them to do the same. That is the purpose of a theater. An improv hub that teaches, performs, connects people and creates a community, not just skilled individuals.

With the experience of having moved to a country where improv was literally nonexistent and having created a theater from the ground up in these past several years, I would love to share not only the knowledge of how to do this, but also the inspiration for people to do the same. To go through the process, the hurdles, that unexpected mishaps, the ups and downs, the successes and failures.

This is not a typical active improv workshop. This will be more of a discussion, where we look into case studies, and talk about how this is also possible by anyone, anywhere and everywhere.

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