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I can teach and perform in Greek, English, Spanish and French!

Μπορώ να διδάξω και να παίξω στα Ελληνικά, Αγγλικά, Ισπανικά και Γαλλικά.

Puedo enseñar y actuar en Griego, Ingles, Español y Frances.

Je peux donner des cours et jouer en Grec, Anglais, Espagnol et Français


More than half my life was invested in traveling around the world, be it as a traveler, student, teacher or performer.

I have extensive experience being taught by some of the best around the world, and teaching in all kinds of environments and cultures.


My approach is primarily focused on the individual and on finding the joy in everything one does. What their needs, obstacles and desires are.

About this guy

About this guy

Menelaos Prokos is an improviser based in Athens, Greece. His improv brain, though, developed in Austin, TX. After that, he moved back to his hometown, where he founded ImproVIBE, the country’s first improv school and theater. 

During the years of ImproVIBE’s operation he’s been teaching students, performing shows, training instructors and developing courses for all levels. He is also the producer of Mt Olymprov, Greece’s International improv Festival, that has been running successfully and growing for the past 4 years.

He is heavily involved in applied improvisation, working with companies from all around the world. Outside of Greece, he has taught/performed all over Europe, as well as USA, India and Colombia. His teaching primarily focuses on acting natural, adding fun and realism that comes directly from the heart, and pushing the students towards enjoying everything they do on stage. He strongly believes in creating emotional improv with a purpose that goes beyond the quick joke and has impact, not just for the audience but for the performers as well.

When not swimming the improv seas, he spends most of his free time cycling, playing escape room games and cleaning up the mess his dog makes.

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  • Menelaos “do-it-yourself” workshop is practical, empowering, professional and super fun! It changed my perspective of how to start scenes, gave me practical tools and courage to do scenes alone and made me re-think about the whole “improviser ego” concept onstage, 2 years later I still remember the workshop and use a lot of the things I learned in it. Menelaos as a teacher in great! Super professional, attentive, make everyone feel at ease and stretch their boundaries, he is doing this with a lot of love and joy. Super recommended!

    Hila Di Castro
    Hila di Castro
  • After many years of performing onstage, I must admit that I left Menelaos workshop with many new additions to my improv skillset. He is a gifted instructor, performer, and friend.

    Uri Lifshitz
    Uri Lifshitz

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