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About this guy

About this guy

Menelaos Prokos is a theatrical improviser, and founder and artistic director of ImproVIBE, Greece’s first improv theater school. He studied in Manchester, UK where he got his postgraduate and master’s degree in Computer programming. However, he ditched that field of work. After traveling nomadically for 13 years all around the world and having lived in the UK, Argentina, China and the USA, he settled in the world of theater. He studied Improvised Comedy Theater at Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas in the USA.

He returned to Greece in 2012 and founded ImproVIBE. He now teaches and performs improv all around Greece. He also works with many theatres and festivals all over the world and often practices his trade abroad. He is the director of Mt Olymprov, Greece’s very own international improv theater festival that takes place annually and is now at its fourth edition.

He partners with numerous corporations in Greece, where he teaches the art of improv in a business environment and how its principles can be applied in a non-theatrical spectrum. He strongly believes improv makes better people and, having experienced its influence with businesses, and the education system in the USA, is constantly focusing his efforts on achieving this in Greece as well.

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